Reforestation Project Donations

Baanchang Elephant’s Paradise Reforestation Project

When you choose us, you not only support kind treatment of elephants, but also help save local forests! So far with your help we have saved more than 52 acres of land and planted hundreds of native trees and bamboo! Our project is part of an even larger district effort to restore our community forests. Our profits go to the following:

1) Buying Land
2) Replanting native trees and bamboo (1 bamboo sapling costs 50 baht!)
3) Fertilising and maintaining new (baby) trees
4) Controlling fires- making firebreaks and putting out fires

To Donate :

Please click on paypal and email Bird at , subject Tree Project, so we can put your donation aside for saving local forest.

To Plant Trees :

Visit us in the rainy season (May-September) to help plant new trees. During the rest of the year, contact us to see how you can help with other vitally important jungle maintenance!

Thank you very much!!! Khap khun kabb!