Welcome To Baanchang Elephant’s Paradise

Come play with our baby elephants

Experience a day of truly heart-warming moments!   Live a day in the life of a mother elephant as you feel a baby elephant’s love, affection and playfulness.  Be part of a small group to visit the spectacular location of the Baanchang Elephant’s Paradise.  Spend a day and learn how to care for baby elephants in a private picturesque valley surrounded by lush green jungle.
Relax and enjoy the pure air.  Help prepare your own delicious jungle lunch from local plants.  Play with the baby elephants as you walk them around the valley.  At the end of the day give the baby elephants a fun bath in the river!

Touch a baby elephant’s heart and they’ll touch yours forever!

Your elephant’s will never forget you!


Welcome to Baanchang Elephant’s Paradise, Welcome to be a part in my Family.